I’m Emily, a clinical herbalist and certified holistic nutritionist, here to help you thrive!

Emily Sebring, Herbalist in Lakeside Arizona

I know what it's like to be very sick. At age 26 I was diagnosed with adult onset  ITP–a rare platelet condition. On top of this, I live with Hashimoto’s and Lupus, two other challenging autoimmune disorders. After two brushes with death, I realized how little allopathic medicine could do to help me manage, or even reverse, these conditions.

My body needed more support, so I turned to natural medicine to achieve and maintain the best health I can.
I’m fortunate to have this journey. It’s inspired me to connect with our amazing earth and our incredible bodies. Plants, a healthy diet and self-care have helped me find remission in all three conditions. I’ve discovered how to thrive, and I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same.

    My Passion

    I’m a life-long learner, so my journey to discover more about the body and how plants and foods help us thrive continues! I look forward to sharing my knowledge, training and love of life with you in your journey to optimum health.

    I’m constantly inspired by those who walk the walk, who have taken that very first step and regained control over their own health. There have been so many individuals who have helped me learn and grow throughout my own healing journey and their wisdom is something I always looked forward to passing on to others like you.

    The best inspiration though is watching that initial spark of hope, that first real smile my clients get when they see for themselves that they truly are on the right path! The healing that comes with it, the drive that follows and the peace that comes with knowing that we all have the power within us to heal and regain our quality of life. It’s both a miracle and a blessing.

      The Beginning of Root 2 Route Botanicals

      With that vision in mind I began creating Herbal Products for both fun and function using the finest organic and ethically sourced ingredients available. All of my creations are crafted right here in the amazing state of Arizona. 

      Together, we can discover the root issue, and provide you a route to optimum health. 
      -Emily Sebring, CH, CHN


      Degree’s in:

      • Western Herbalism
      • Holistic Nutrition
      • General Sciences
      • Fire Science
      • …and a Traditional Naturopathy doctorate degree in progress!

      Certificates in:

      • Herbal Sciences
      • Herbal Bioarts Clinical Preparations
      • Herbal Flowers & Flower Essences
      • Foundations of American Herbal Studies
      • Manufacturing & Remedy Production
      • Master Herbalism (UK)
      • Seed Sowing
      • Urban farming & Conscious Living
      • Aromatherapy