R2R Health & Herbal Intensive


Hi, I’m Emily!

I’m a clinical health coach, medical herbalist and clinical nutritionist helping those suffering from autoimmune disorders just like you.

I’ll show you how to improve your health, eliminate the fatigue and say good-bye to inflammation so you can start living more and cut the ties that bind you to illness.

My Intensives and guides have helped over one thousand clients create the life they want and the physical freedom to live it.

For the ultimate in regaining your health join my R2R Health & Herbal Intensive coaching program to:

  • Eliminate the inflammation (with or without pain), fatigue and fear assocaited with illness 
  • Master your diet and lifestyle
  • Breakthrough your physical challenges and blocks
  • Stop negative mindset habits and self-sabotage (Karma & Murphy)
  • Feel empowered and ready to move forward to living life to the fullest
  • Regain your health, re-claim your physical freedoms and live a life full of energy!

Join over 1,000 clients and regain your physical freedoms to release you from the illnesses holding you back

Welcome to the R2R (Root 2 Route) Health & Herbal Intensive!

In 20 weeks I help men and women with auto-immune conditions (and cancers) find solutions and regain their health, one step at a time, so they can live life pain-free, inflammation-free and full of energy!

The R2R Method - Why it works!

It works because it is a unique combination of body reset management, mindset, and therapeutic food and herbs. 

This program helps you reach your health goals, turn hope into reality, address individual challenges, and provide solutions to restoring your health,  all while being a partner to functional medicine.

The R2R Method is a combination of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, Karma & Murphy Mindset solutions, evidence-based research and energetics all while providing a way to actually make and sustain the changes needed to finally be free of the ties that bind to auto-immune disorders. 

The R2R Body Reset Method - Why it's different!

It is different from anything you have tried before because it is actually designed for men and women with auto-immune disorders living with the fear, fatigue, pain and inflammation associated. 

It was not designed for those who are simply curious nor does it require a slew of pills, supplements or subscriptions. 

Unlike other programs and protocols that give you cookie cutter instructions for general disorders or healing the gut, I get right to the heart of the individual issues that those with auto-immune conditions face.  

All of which are based on my unique background and qualifications, coaching over 1000 clients with auto-immune disorders & cancers to regaining their health and living their lives full of energy and inflammation/pain-free.

The R2R Baby Steps - Healing safely!

The R2R Baby Steps method is at the heart of it all. Each week is dedicated to a different aspect of your healing journey. We are not just parts to be ‘fixed’ but rather a complex being of mind, body and spirit. Allowing time for the healing process is crucial, yet so simple!

And the best part? Lifetime access to the R2R Health & Herbal Intensive! You will never need to worry about falling behind, being overwhelmed or being a 3-minute memory in your doctor’s mind.

CLICK HERE to schedule a free 30 minute call to speak to me if you’ve been struggling with your health for too long.