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Consultations - Empowering You to Optimum Health

What to Expect During a Consultation With Emily

Step 1: You’ll fill out intake and consent forms. It’s detailed, yet easy–and this means I’ll know you and your health picture right from the start and we can dive into the root of the issues. 

Step 2: On the first day we’ll meet for an hour or so, talking about your goals, hopes, challenges, and desires for solutions. We’ll find out the things you’d love to be able to do again, so I can get right to helping you get back to living that life you adore. This also solidifies that we’re a great fit.

Step 3: I’ll work on creating an in-depth treatment plan, based on your unique goals and struggles, while you work on your homework. This takes around 4-7 days and we’ll meet again to discuss it all. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or have any confusion towards your healing journey cleared up.

Step 4: You receive your treatment plan and can start following the step-by-step guide to reclaiming balance in your body. You’ll climb out of the boat you’re in and start moving in the right direction to better health!

Step 5: Approximately 2 weeks after you begin your journey you’ll have a followup to ensure you are headed in the right direction. This will give us both a chance to make any adjustments to your treatment plan.

Step 6: At this point we take things month to month, either in person or via email. As you begin to heal and “outgrow” your formulas and “baby-steps”, new pathways will open and we will be able to adjust once again to accommodate your healing.

Included in your program:

  • Custom Treatment Plan: Comprehensive packet written just for you, 8-10 detailed pages of your “baby steps to health".
  • Instruction Packet: So you know how to use all nutritional and herbal remedies for optimum benefits
  • 10% Discount: Save on all relevant Apothecary items and get an additional 10% off Fullscript (an online supplement experience providing great quality supplements for fair prices)
  • Confidence & Hope: I know what it’s like to be very sick, so I’ll be empowering you with a ton of herbal and nutritional expertise to help you journey back to great health!

There’s nothing more important than investing in your health. I prioritize your journey so you can live the healthy life you truly love. Plus…it’s certainly affordable compared to a hospital bill!

So, are you ready and willing to take control of your own health?  

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