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Can I drink my Tea Cold?

Did you know that most any Loose-Leaf Tea can be enjoyed both hot and/or cold?

Iced Tea preparation for a half-gallon pitcher (2 qts): Bring 4 cups of fresh water to a rolling boil. Gently pour water over ¼ cup of the loose-leaf tea. Steep 3-5 minutes. The longer you steep, the stronger the flavor. Stir before straining. If desired, add your favorite sweetener. Pour your freshly brewed tea into a pitcher and add 4 more cups of cold water and/or ice cubes (to your taste). Chill and enjoy!

Sun Tea preparation for a half-gallon pitcher (2 qts): Use ¼ cup of the loose-leaf tea for each half-gallon of water. Place tea in half-gallon jar filled with water. Cap jar loosely and place in sunshine. Steep 3-4 hours. Strain your tea to remove the spent herbs. Refrigerate within 1 hour. Discard left over tea after 36 hours.

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