Cauldrons, Cackles and Syrup Making

Towards the beginning of my herbal program (2010), I remember standing in a classroom with 50 or so other students, holding my textbook for that quarter, and looking around at all the different stations. It was definitely going to be an interesting day. Remember, I had just transferred from the allopathic world to the naturopathic world (#MyStory) and was still finding my way. 

Our work stations included tincture making, herbal oils, salve making (that one was a messy blast lol), infusions/decoction preparations, and a few others.

The one that stopped me dead in my tracks was Syrup making. No clue why but images of cauldrons and cackling popped into my mind and that’s when things went a little sideways. I honestly couldn’t help myself and thought I was the only one who saw the humor in it. Turns out I really was the only one because all the other students had been around herbal medicine for years!

The student teaching the syrup making portion had a great sense of humor though and I truly did learn a lot form her. And yes, she did that little smile at me. You know the one….

So today I pay it forward with my own cauldron and cackle. Syrup making is fun, messy and smells amazing. It’s also a wonderful tool to teach your children!

Here are the notes for my own method of syrup making. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do =)

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