Chapter 7 - The "Cart Girl"

When I first moved to Casa Grande, AZ in 2010 I was still in school, 40-60 hours a week sometimes. I really needed to find something that was fun and out of the classroom.

I remembered how awesome it was being the “cart girl” ⛳️when I was in my early 20’s so I figured Why Not?

That part-time cart job is how I met so many wonderful people! More often than not, that darn cart left me stranded somewhere along the 18 holes of the Mission Royal Golf Club but it didn’t bother me much. I'd learned to bring my school work and snacks with me and would spend hours reading and talking with each 4-some of golfers as they made the turn.

10 years later I still have many friends, clients and customers from my short stint on that beverage cart  You know who you are! Happy Golfing 

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