Happy New Year!

Here’s to pulling out last years “goals” page

While 2020 was not how any of us expected it to go, it was overall a great year for us at Root 2 Route Botanicals

Some of the accomplishments were:

January 1st we bought our new trailer! We wanted to start the year off right and get organized for all of the upcoming shows, events and getaways

January 3rd we launched the website under a new platform and online shopping become a new way of life. No more sending invoices or delays in shipping. Orders have been going out same day or the next all year long!

Before everything was shut down, we were able to have an amazing spring doing local shows and events, Estrella War in February was a huge one for us, and even attend the best NASCAR Weekend event ever last March!

The shutdown didn’t stop us though as I was able to continue writing and creating new tea blends and tincture formulas. It was hard at first, as I’m more of the hyper type lol, but by the time the summer heat set in I was grateful for the quiet time. It was wonderful to sit, think, ponder and dream for a bit.

All of that quiet time allowed me to bring forth an additional 28 new Tea Blends and create the Mystery Box program of 2020. We also launched 24 of my most popular Herbal Extracts and tinctures.

My favorite program to date is the launch of the Tea Time Subscription Box! It is insane how much we can fit in the box and the ideas keep coming.

We were close to hitting out 1000 Facebook Likes goal and we can’t wait to see who that lucky winner will be.

We grew so much this year and it is all thanks to you, our customers, clients and fans!

We quietly celebrated our 8th year in business on 12/1/2020 as it came on the heels of our surprise relocation. Tonight, New Year’s Eve, we will also be celebrating our 8th anniversary. I am truly a blessed woman to have a man like Jerry by my side, who supports my in all my craziness and lets my gypsy heart run wild when it needs too.

Finally, we are so excited to show you what is in store as we venture into the Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada area. The plant life, the hikes and the exploration will all be a part of what we and Root 2 Route Botanicals have planned for you in 2021.

Thank you all for an amazing year and see you on the flip side!

Loving you all

Emily Sebring, CH

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