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How Much Tea Do I Use?

Did you know? Herbal teas can be drunk hot, at room temperature or iced!

To make a beverage tea, simply boil 4 cups of water per 4 teaspoons of herbal blend.

To make a medicinal tea, boil 4 cups of water per 4 Tablespoons of herbal blend.

Pour the boiled water over the herb(s) and let steep for 20-30 minutes. Strain the herbs and if possible drink your tea without any sweeteners. If not, try stevia or honey. Drink 2-4 cups daily, after meals if possible

After brewing, an herbal tea should be stored in the refrigerator. Left at room temperature for several hours, it will go “flat,” get tiny bubbles in it and begin to sour. Stored in the refrigerator, an herbal tea will be good for two to three days.

FYI: For a medicinal tea to be effective, it must be administered in small amounts several times daily. For chronic problems, serve the tea three or four times daily. For acute ailments such as colds, fevers and headaches, take several small sips every 30 minutes until the symptoms subside.

Enjoy your tea! 

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