Road rash, salves and a good looking Biker....

If you enjoy stories, let me tell you about comfrey and the biker.

If you've been on my Tea Time Tuesday's or following the Blog then you'll remember that comfrey was the herb we covered this week. I also mentioned a particular salve, R2R Tissue Repair Salve. 

This salve was originally an idea that would become part of the R2R 1st Aid product line. It wasn’t until I had an interesting case of road rash come in to the clinic that I was able to witness how quickly everything pulled together, literally.

For those who remember the old shop in Downtown Casa Grande, a gentleman had heard about the clinic and wanted a salve of some kind to take the edge off the pain he was experiencing on his leg. I wasn’t sure what the issue was until he told me he had hit an oil patch on the main road and laid his bike down. Ouch! For both him and his bike...

He asked me to look at the wound and see if a salve would do. We ended up in my office with a jar of our R2R TRS and OMG I can honestly say that up until that point I had never seen road rash like that before. It went from mid shin to butt cheek and all red, puffy and irritated. The poor guy was tore up! Needless to say, I just handed him the jar and told him to go to town on applying it.

As he was locked in my office doing that, I ran over to our supply closet looking for the largest gauze I could find. He was not a small man by any means, built like a brick house, but that was a lot of territory to cover. Thank goodness I was done with clients for the day because he ended up hanging out in my office and reapplying that salve to all the spots he’d missed. It only took a few hours before the changes were noticeable. The red was not so angry and the puffy was down significantly as was the overall inflammation. The oozing pus and fluids had nearly stopped all together and his pain level dropped by half.

This experience, for both of us, was one for the books and was why I started hiding a jar of R2R Tissue Repair Salve behind the counter, just in case.

If you’ve made it this far, R2R Tissue Repair Salve contains the organic ingredients: Comfrey leaf, white oak bark, marshmallow rt, mullein herb, black walnut leaf & root, gravel root, wormwood, white willow bark, St. John’s wort, lobelia leaf, skullcap herb, horsetail herb, olive oil, beeswax.

When blended together these herbs work to increase cellular regeneration and tissue remodeling while addressing pain and inflammation. In addition to this they are anti-microbial, hemostatic (to slow bleeding and oozing), and astringent so as to bring things to the surface. A wonderful tool to have when debris is accidentally left behind.

Products: R2R Tissue Repair Salve

As always... 

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