Sage vs Mosquitos!

Good Morning Tribe!

The first “rain drop” of the season hit last week. Yay! Praying we have a wonderful rainy season in our beautiful, sweet desert but with that comes the🦟 horrid, demon blood-suckers known as mosquitos.🦟

I personally am convinced that there are those who have some kind of magic powers that let those little demons know that they should keep their distance.

Unfortunately, I am not one of those people. I'm the one who has some kind of blinky👀 neon sign over my head that reads “Buffet This Way”! Try as I might I can not figure out why those little demons love me so much.

The plus side? I have a lot of experience with mosquito stuff and to be honest, some of my favorite natural defenses this time of year are tossing sage into the firepit or burning it in my home. It works wonders for clearing your space of the little buggers along with all the negative emotions like fear, anger, anxiety and stress that come with today’s way of life.

Once the rains really come down then we’ll want to move on to phase two of the mosquito defenses! 

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