Sexy Times & Damiana Herb

Damiana, botanically referred to as Turnera aphrodisiaca, has a long and wonderful history that dates as far back as the Maya Indians, where they originally named it “mizib-coc”. They used it for its relaxing impact, however, damiana is more commonly known for stimulating the libido in both men and women.

It is often used as both an aphrodisiac as well as a relaxant. How? For those who get sexual anxieties, it calms the nerves down but for those who need that boost, it also works with the hormones of the body.

It is commonly known as herba de la pastora and Mexican damiana where Native Mexican Indians were known to drink sweetened Damiana tea. It is believed to be one of the original ingredients of margaritas.

The use of Damiana as an aphrodisiac has continued into modern times and is used both for its libido stimulating effects as well as for the somewhat narcotic effect it causes. The effect of the tea is believed to be similar to the high obtained from smoking marijuana.

Damiana is a wonderful herb for the whole body so don’t get too focused on the bedroom just yet. We use the leaves of which can be prepared as a tea, Or as a tincture, or even as a powder in capsule form.

Over the years I have used Damiana for a variety of conditions. For example, I use it for those with morning exhaustion, no matter how much they slept. This is different than those who have deficient adrenal responses.

When it comes to those hormonal headaches, damiana is wonderful in a tincture, especially if tea doesn’t sound good. For teen age girls, damiana is good for amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) and for associated acne. This amazing herb supports the reproductive system; hormonal balancing, hot flashes, low estrogen, impotency, menopause, and PMS

I have been known to use damiana in different UTI formulas too but I try to be careful with those who have chronic loose stools.

Damiana is known to support the lungs and also a general blood cleanser and is excellent at restoring an exhausted state of the body and increasing its vital energies. It helps muscular contractions of the intestinal tract but careful as it also works as a laxative for adults and children

Therapeutic Actions: So, what effect does Damiana have on the body?

  •  Aperient – mild laxative without purging
  • Antiseptic (urinary) -
  • Aphrodisiac – stimulating sexual desire
  • Aromatic – in fresh forms it contains volatile, essential oils
  • Bitter – stimulates secretions of the digestive system and encourages appetite
  • Diuretic – increases urination
  • Hormonal – balances some of the hormones of the body
  • Nervine – strengthens functional activity of the nervous system
  • Stimulant – increases functional activity (usually the endocrine system)
  • Tonic – strengthens and restores the tone of the certain systems

Additional conditions in which I have Damiana:

  • Depression
  • Low libido
  • Sexual anxiety
  • Menstrual headaches
  • Nervous indigestion
  • UTI


  • Pregnancy
  • If you have chronic loose stools

Now while damiana is generally safe, don’t get crazy with it, or really any herb. Our diets play a huge role in our health and should be our starting point. Think nutrient density, fiber, water and physical exercise.

Each of us has a different story so our current health depends on the person and the situation. If you have a lot of health issues, ask your ND, Herbalist or practitioner about using damiana or other herbs you are unsure of. They will be able to guide you in this.

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