Shipping Update

“Do you ship?”
Yes, we do! To all 50 states right now.

With the increase in online shopping around the world, I’ve had to make a few adjustments to our shipping policy but fear not! All packages go out Monday – Thursday/Friday.

During our brutal summer months, I don’t ship tinctures on Friday & Saturday’s because of the delays in shipping. Heat can ruin a tea or tincture so rather than chance losing quality, we adjust the days.

Another little tip – all orders placed before 11am AZ time go out the same day!

Shipping costs are based on whatever USPS charges us and we try to forward those discounts on to you.

Henry is our Mail Man around here and quite the character. He does an awesome job of gathering things up every day and getting them off into the truck!

Once things cool off and the holidays approach, we will go back to shipping 6 days a week 

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