TBT Chapter 1 - My Story - How are you doing?

Story Time! Chapter 1

HOW ARE YOU DOING? Sounds like an odd question to ask me personally if you don’t know the story. Very few do!

But the time has come to tell the tale of not only why I closed the storefront and went online but also of how Root 2 Route Botanicals & Natural Medicine came to be. So let me start closer to the beginning!

R2R Botanicals was actually originally named Herbalicious of Arizona, LLC. She was legally born 12/01/12 in Casa Grande, Arizona but, as with any adventure, she was conceived many years before. By many years I mean all the way back to 1999. Now you’ve got that song  from Prince stuck in your head don’t you!

Anyway, in 1999 I was 26, recently married and crazy full of energy! And just like any happy, crazy, workaholic in their 20’s I thought I could do anything. And I could! I was athletic, passionate about my dreams, and thought I had the world in my hand. My husband (RIP  Dayle) and I loved to travel and experience everything we could. It was awesome! Until the day I woke up black and blue from the chest down. Hindsight is 20/20. I should have listened to my body that day but I didn’t. We were curious, not concerned. I was high strung, still am actually, so we figured the bruises were from work or whatever. Over the course of 2 months they went away and so did my worries. But it was short lived...

That my friends, is the beginning…..
Stay tuned for the next chapter!

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