TBT Chapter 3 - My Story - Why did I choose “Root 2 Route”?

What’s in a name? Why did I choose “Root 2 Route”?

If you recall from last week, I mentioned that I was going to begin the transition just as soon as I got back from vacation. If you don’t like emotional stories then you may want to stop reading now…

OK, here we go. This is where everything went sideways. We came home from that vacation completely different. I couldn’t think, couldn’t focus. I couldn’t even tell you my name half the time and what began as a simple vacation turned into a nightmare I would never wish on my worst enemy. Honestly I don’t even remember most of the month of October but I’m told I held up pretty well. Huh…. I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it.

Jerry and I spent the weekend at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. 3 days of Country Music!! We met so many people and had a blast singing 🎤🎼and dancing 💃🕺, mostly me of course, to all of our favorite artists. We walked the strip, played the slots 🎰 and people watched 🧐 . We ran around the downtown area and hit up most of the little souvenir shops. You can’t visit Vegas and not come home with something cheesy!!

What started out on as an amazing weekend turned deadly within seconds. At 10:05pm that Sunday night, October 1, 2017, one of my favorite country artists of all times was singing “Any Ol’ Barstool” and at 10:06pm he had just launched into his next song “When She Says Baby”. He never made it past the first verse before everything went to hell and the lights shut off.

Jerry and I were caught in the front of the Las Vegas Shooting. What we thought were fireworks were actually rounds being shot from a window on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. We knew deep down that all hell was about to break lose all around us and we were packed in like sardines. Jerry covered me with his own body so that I wouldn’t get hit. We moved as one, helping people along the way. I didn’t get hit but on our 2nd run back into the mess he did. Shrapnel is a B@%$# both physically and mentally.

We stayed behind as first responders doing everything we could to help. He is a retired Navy Corpsman and at 6’2” they didn’t stop us from jumping in. We lost 58 angels that night but gained a family of 22,000. We physically left the scene at 4:30am but there are days I know we never truly left at all.

So what is in a name? Root 2 Route Botanicals & Natural Medicine?

“ROOT” is for the grounding and anchoring we all need in this life

“2” is for the 2 of us who went in together, and came out together, alive

“ROUTE” is for all the different paths our healing journeys take us on

The SHIELD - The media says we are survivors but we say we are warriors! It stands for everyone who has ever had a hard time physically, emotionally or mentally. It is a symbol of strength and of faith. It is also for our 58 angels.

“Botanicals” is for the Apothecary and “Natural Medicine” is for the clinic, two sides of the same coin.

So by February of 2018 I began the transition of a new name, new logo and a new outlook on life! Root 2 Route Botanicals & Natural Medicine was officially born on July 4th, 2018 and it has been an amazing journey!

THANK YOU to all those who helped me pick up the pieces and find the strength to go on ❤️ If you’ve made it this far into the story then you are one of the ones who is still helping push me forward!

Stay tuned for another, more cheerful episode
Loving you all,
Emily Sebring

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  • That is a night we will never forget – but a true blessing out of this horrible event was meeting you and Jerry, and gaining a new family in our fellow survivors! I would like to think our paths would have crossed at some point living in the same city. LOL Rick and I truly value our friendship with you two amazing people. Love you much!

    Toni Vance

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