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TBT Chapter 5 - My Story - "You will make a terrible doctor"

At the age of 33, I had just moved back to the USA and was declared in “remission” of my ITP and my Lupus markers were almost completely gone! Without a second thought I decided to go back to school immediately. No spring chicken either when your classmates at 18 going on 12.

My first major was in Fire Science but that was ages ago and no longer applicable. There were a lot of sciences I had to retake because of the statute. No worries, it would give me chance to brush up on all my A&P’s, Bio & Chem classes, and help me get back into the swing of things.

After 12 months, I was accepted into 3 nursing programs and a dietary program. YAY!! Nursing didn’t feel right but it paid well and I could travel. I even made it to the first orientation before the big “heck no!” screamed at me. Tried the dietary program and after going through orientation and reading the curriculum that too was a “pass”.

I felt I had to choose between attending nursing school or an allopathic medical school. Chamberlain College of nursing offered a nearly full ride and I was seriously tempted but medical school held more appeal. I’d have more of a say in a patient’s care, but even that didn’t sit right.

It was at this point in time I found SCNM, Southwest College of Natural Medicine right here in Arizona. This fit the bill! Crazy expensive but that was OK. I turned down all options and in the spring of 2010 I got everything wrapped up and began the application process. I was going to be Doctor! A Naturopathic Doctor!

And then my mom sent me to this lady’s house to pick up her essential oils…..

This lady was no ordinary gypsy lol. She was a Naturopathic Doctor in 3 different countries but not here in the USA (way to much drama and red tape). She could speak 7 or 8 languages (I forget how many) and was a melting pot of creativity and wisdom.

She took one look at me, head to toe, held my mom’s bag of custom blended essential oils and in her heavy Russian accent said:

“You will make a terrible doctor”. All I could do was blink, blink again, and ask her to repeat the statement. She had just met me!

What she said pissed me off in no uncertain terms. I dang near lost my xyz since I was on my way to SCNM to sign over $250k! She simply smiled, reached out to touch my hand, and told me of another way. It took me a while to understand what she’d seen in me that day but over the course of almost a year I learned so much. She didn’t speak so much as watch and guide. I learned how to look past the “words” of a client and into the “heart” of the client.

I will never again be blessed to lay my eyes on her sweet face but in one sentence, she changed my life forever.…..
Thank you Helena ❤

Stay tuned for the next chapter! OMG what was I thinking…
Loving you all,

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