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TBT Chapter 6 - My Story - OMG What have I gotten myself into!

Last week I introduced you to Helena and the words she spoke to me that day were “Herbal Medicine is your path”.

This is what popped into my head on the first day, of the first class, at my new school in Tempe, AZ. I had no clue as to what I’d gotten myself into but I had jumped, on a leap of faith, into a whole new world. Yes, I knew things were going to be different but no one on this green earth could have prepared me for what was to come.

I was cautiously excited about this new adventure but 2 hours into it all I could do was sit there, lay there actually as we were all lying down on the floor “meditating”, and try to think back on all the steps I took to get there. And then try to figure out where I had gone wrong, horribly wrong!

Or so I thought…

I was lying on the floor with a pillow and a mystery yoga mat, meditating (whatever that was) and expected to pour out my soul to some hippie chick I’d just met. I may have ditched for a few hours but it was an 8 hour class that day so after while I found my way back.

And back to the OMG what have I gotten myself into…..

Everyone had just come back from break and there were chairs set out. About 75 students and I was feeling a little less odd about being there. The “Professor” was standing at the front while we were all sitting. More like your typical classroom.

Then she opened her mouth…. I haven’t the foggiest idea
what she said because chakras and energy and source and something about giving something to the universe came out. 10 years later I know what all that means but on that day I was completely lost and trying to learn a foreign language apparently.

That was probably the longest class/weekend of my life and by the end of the first day I was just about ready to walk away and tell the school they could keep the money. “Hippie chick” smiled at me, with her dreadlocks and calm spirit, and told me to stick it out. Then she tried to hug me 😳😳

I’m so grateful that I did stick it out! It was an amazing 2 year experience and although it only got my feet wet in herbal medicine, I learned a lot about myself. Including the fact that I am not meant to be a life coach, or a Reiki practitioner, or a massage therapist. Feet? No thank you!

I discovered that I too am the “hippie chick”, barefoot and rambunctious, traveler and country girl at heart.

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