TBT Chapter 7 - My Story - What's in Your Basket?

By the time I knew I was “sick” I was 26 years old and working 3 jobs (1 full time and 2 part time). At 5’8” and 130 lbs I didn’t pay much attention to my diet, always on my feet, running around, happy-go-lucky and exhausted. My fulltime job was at a golf course and the restaurant there was awesome! I knew deep down changes needed to be made so I quit one of my part time jobs and decided to learn about nutrition.

But how? I never grew up cooking at home and had been on my own since graduating high school. My first major was in fire science and emergency medicine and cooking wasn’t exactly high on the priority list.

So I went to the grocery store. Talk about an eye opener! 😳

And while it wasn’t the best idea, I studied each and every person there. If I didn’t like what I saw I stopped and look inside their shopping carts 🛒. Mental notes weren’t really necessary after a while because everyone had pretty much the same items and they looked very similar to my own “snacky” kitchen. EEEKKKK!!

Then I started to look for those annoyingly happy healthy people. I couldn’t find them anywhere! I was so busy being nosy, going up and down my favorite aisles and spying into everyone’s shopping cart that I had missed the produce department. And that is where I found them. Shocker!

They were in the produce aisle, the dairy, the meat depart, the fresh deli aisle. They had what we call “clean” foods in their carts, “organic” or “natural” foods, fresh items that don’t have the shelf life of a Twinkie…

And that was my first 🤔 into what nutrition can do for, or against, the body!

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