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The Right Apothecary For You

One of the more popular questions I have received this past year is "How do I build an apothecary?" This is usually followed by "I love yours and want to build something just like it!"

My answers to these questions may surprise you but then again, if you have your own home apothecary, maybe they won't. We are all so unique and have so many different ideas that there is no one way to build a "Home Apothecary". There sure are a lot of bloopers, blunders and giggles though!

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When I had the store front in Downtown Casa Grande, AZ I had over 600 loose and individual herbs. No small feat, mind you, but I also had 5000 sq ft to work in and entire community to engage with. We had a great system in place to keep track of inventory, formulas and blends, seasonal items and all manner of apothecary mysteries =). It was when I downsized and went fully online that the most amazing disasters in my "Home Apothecary" took place. 

I had stashed things in corners, boxes, cabinets and even my home office. The only thing organized was the new offsite apothecary for Root 2 Route Botanicals. My personal stash was a disaster. 1 year later I found a mystery box of herbs that I had forgotten about and then just a few weeks ago I unearthed a box a little spice jars my mom felt I just “had to have”. Being an herbalist does make for some of the most interesting gifts.

The past 9 months have presented many questions from clients and customers alike. What seemed like a simple question to me was a very overwhelming question for someone else. This, along with an article I read by Teresa Youngblood, led to today’s topic on how to build “The Right Apothecary for You”

Some of what we cover includes: Herbs, Inventory, Needs, Habitual Uses, Resources, Learning, etc

What is the right size? How much should I spend? Can I make my own remedies? What if my herbs are expired? What’s in this bag!

And best of all, “Where do I start?”

We live in a world that is ever changing. In years gone by the motto always seemed to be “More is Better” but then Covid came along and changed our society and way of life. In my humble opinion, this new virus, in and of itself, is now a part of life in general. We have over 150 viruses that make up the common cold and flu, many of which have been around for 70-80+ years, and that too has always been a way of life.

So, fear not, let’s just look for the silver lining in all of this. One in which each of us is like a new bud in springtime. We are ready to grow where we are planted and bloom to our new potentials. It’s time for some fun now while we each create our own Home Apothecaries!

There is way to much to write out in the post so hopefully as you watch the video, you'll be able to laugh right along with me as I tell the tales and hopefully lighten the load of what may seem like an overwhelming endeavor.

Raise your (tea) cup and let’s get started!

Loving you all, Emily

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